laminates protective film
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protective film for laminates

Item No.: MIXED
Protective film for surface protection of laminates, including HPL/MPL, furinture boards, and floorings.
Laminates are everywhere! From office room to hotel lobby to kitchen, from public to household room,  they are inevitable in sight. Donlee provides temporary surface protection solution to laminates, which diversify with finishes, textures and patterns. The film offers protection to their surface from mechanical (scratches) or chemical (e.g. from solvents) damage during transport, storage and processing. Protective film ensure laminate materials intact surface value delivery from birth factory to consumers, even after installation, of cabinetry, counter-top, flooring, furniture board and panels etc, from contamination during re-decoration.
The films remaining on the surface throughout the process chain thereby saving the user unnecessary costs for additional steps. Waste and expensive re-working are avoided. Printing allows additional benefits (advertising, processing notes, etc.), and transparent films allow protected surfaces to be inspected at any time conveniently.

Series No Description Type Spec Property
DL40-L 30-40mic clear/matte surface protection films for glossy surface. Co-extruded film
Adhesive coated film
1250mm x 2000m
Or customized
Easy to apply and removable without adhesive residue, protect surface of laminates from contamination/dirty/marks. Mostly for high glossy finishes.
DL50-M Clear/printed surface protection film with medium adhesion performance. Adhesive coated film
1250mm x 1500m
Or customized
Popular series with lithe adhesive performance, widely used for universal laminates. 
DL70-H Clear/printed surface protection film with medium adhesion performance. Adhesive coated film
Above 400g/25mm
1250mm x 1000m
Or customized
Strong or Ultra strong adhesion fitting textured laminate finishes.

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