protective film for plastics,
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protective film for plastics

Item No.: DL45 series
average surface protective film for constructional plastic materials, Edgy surface protective film for photoelectrical plastic materials.
Customized surface protective film for signage & graphical plastic materials.


Applications Plastic types Film type Adhesion Appearance
constructional Acrylic sheet/PMMA sheet LDPE L Clear,blue,white, printed
Polyester sheet LDPE L Clear,white,printed
Polycarbonate solid/hollow sheet LDPE   
L-M printed,clear, white
PVC sheet/profiles/sills/gutters LDPE L-SH clear,blue,printed,B/W
Graphics and advertisement PVC Graphics & decal LDPE L-M B/W, blue, Clear, White
Lightbox/Billboard materials LDPE M B/W, blue, Clear, White
Decorative firbreglasses LDPE L B/W, blue, Clear, White
Photoelectrical and electronics ABS injection mold, matte and glossy LDPE SL-L Clear,Embossed
Light guide plate PE/CPP L-M Clear
Photoelectionc materials (PC) PE/CPP/PET Ordered From 1000ade room
Coated functional film/sheet(PC/PET) PE/CPP/PET/OPP Ordered Ultra clean and flat, From 1000grade room
Electronics Touch panel/screen PE/PET SL-L Ultra clean and clear, From 1000 grade room
Mechnical process CNC processing PE M-H customized
Mechnical process Die cut PET L-H customized

We are capable of dealing with surface protection of almost every category of plastics by delivering products from 10,000 to 1000 grade room,
Plastics play largely in constructional materials family due to its excellent practical properties. Sheets of sorts such as PC, PMMA, ABS, PS etc all need protective film to protect them from scratch, dirt, tool mark during process, shipping, storage and assembling. Donlee produce and supply surface protective film for plastic sheets coated, textured, soild and hollow.
Besides the universal appearance as building materials, because of its super versatile and powerful modification property, plastic also stands for crucial ingredient of functional high performance materials in edgy industries including the electronics and electrical appliance. Before a E-device passing to its consuming owner, there are large scale of protective films are used during its component part manufacturing, processing, assembling and even shipping. Comparatively the E-orientation protective film must be of higher technical standard, improved production circumstance, stricter quality control, also sufficient swift development and research power to follow up the daily change industrial dynamic. All these factors we proudly own as one of the best manufacturing brand in Asia, we are serving 6 of top 10 largest electronics company in China with our quality product.

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