metal protective film
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protective film for metals

Item No.: DL50 series
fullr range of surface protective film for metals, galvanized steels, stainless steels, aluminums.
Description MOQ & lead time
Metal type Application Film type Adhesion Appearance
Painted steel Sandwich/insulation panel LDPE
M B/W, clear, blue
Roofing and wall LDPE
M-H Clear
PVC/PET laminated aesthetic sheet LDPE
L-M Clear, blue
Average metal sheet LDPE L-H various
Stainless steel Hairline LDPE L-M B/W, blue, Clear, White
Polished/Ground LDPE M B/W, blue, Clear, White
Mirror(#8) LDPE L B/W, blue, Clear, White
Deep draw LDPE/LLDPE M Blue, white
Etching PE L B/W, white
Aluminum Anodized LDPE M B/W, clear, Blue
Powder coating LDPE M B/W, clear,Blue
Sandblasted LDPE Ultra H B/W, clear,Blue
laminated LDPE M-H B/W, clear,Blue
Mill finish LDPE M Clear

Metal is everywhere in the modern world as an ideal material for a broad range of applications in the respects of construction and decoration when need of its durability, strength and aesthetic appealing, while metal surface isn’t as tough as its definition represent for. There are rather metal surfaces need a thin plastic protective film to prevent them from scratching, tool marking, solid or liquid contamination and even solvent rotting, to keep them well untouched till delivering intact appearance value to picky customers.
Stainless steel, prepainted (or precoated) steel and aluminum are three big players of metals which rely on much protective films to keep their faces pretty and we are the top professional manufacturer of this protective film materials in Asia, with 30years experience and very good at them all.

Protective film for metals during cutting, welding, polishing, brushing, bending, punching, deep drawing, painting, we make it; protective film for metals during storage, transit, assembly, installation, we can make it, either.

Simply tell me your requirement and film specification, we may make it beyond you expectation,  just contact us.

MOQ/item: 15000sqm/1MT
Lead time: MOQ: 15days.
                  20GP:  15days
                  40GP/40HQ: 16days