plastic injection protective film
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protective film for injection models

Item No.: MIXED-A
protective masking film series for various plastic injections,   protecting their exquisitive finishes from dirty, dust, tool marks etc contamination, both glossy and texture we can manage.
Glossy and textured plastic injection parts freshly out of models, en transit, storage and assembling till delivery to consumers, are very fragile to scratch, finger print, tool marks and various contamination, these all damage intact appearance of the plastic injection parts causing rejection ratio hence loss.
Donlee protective film protect plastic injection part sound and well from any unwanted traces, easy to apply and remove without residue and ghost shadow. Donlee protective film is the ideal and easy surface protection solution of exquisite plastic injection parts.
Series No Description Adhesion strength Property
DL-V01AD Self-adhesive extruded polyethylene film Minor Excellent cleanliness and transparency produced in 1000-10000grade clean room without impurity and particles. Designed for short term wrapping package use of plastic injections in assembling and transit processes.
DL-10/20AA Modified polyethylene Protective film Low tack Transparent protective film with low tack specially for highly glossy plastic injection parts, easy to apply and remove without any trace residue.
DL-60/80AA Modified polyethylene Protective film Medium tack Suitable for patterned plastic injection parts with medium adhesion.
DL-130/200AA High tack High tack adhesion protective film designed for textured plastic injection, own proper adhesion strength while easy to apply and remove without residue
The performance of all adhesive products is affected by many factors: heat, humidity, type of substrate, texture, inks used and application technique. Our suggestions and recommendations concerning the use and application of our products are based on tests we believe are reliable. However, the purchaser must test the suitability of our products for their intended use under their own operating conditions