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protective Film for consuming electronics

Item No.: MIXED-B
Manufacturing of a smartphone or touch panel or a PSA, from zero to a finished phone product, there are significant amount and varies of protective films be used during it. Protective films are fast consumables necessarily in the manufacturing and assembling processes of a interchange E-device, they play roles on the outer shells, display screen, and internally hided backlight models with varied film specs and functions. To minimize NG of an electronic device, Donlee protective film provides reliable performance to keep it from contamination threats till its intact packaging.
Series No Description Adhesion strength Property
TA25-125 PET applicable film 1~1200g/25mm Applicable widely in fabrication and processing of Component materials of TFT LCD/BLU; cover lens processing etc. Silicone/acrylic/PU series provide versatile choice for optimum film performance in applications.
Anti-electrostatic available. Cutting/slitting available. Tailor-made spec available.
      DLXX PE film series 1~750g/25mm Ultra clean protection tape series applicable for cover lens, TFT LCD.
Light guide panel, diffuser, BEF etc. 
BOPP BOPP carrier film

CPP film
5~800g/25mm BOPP series provide die cut an economical carrier film solution during component materials die cut processes, from metal to plastic to foam, there is always a Donlee BOPP tape fit.
CPP40UP 5~500g/25mm This CPP series is designed specially for temperature-involved conditions. Applicable for cover lens, TFT LCD, Light guide panel, diffuser, BEF etc. 
he performance of all adhesive products is affected by many factors: heat, humidity, type of substrate, texture, inks used and application technique. Our suggestions and recommendations concerning the use and application of our products are based on tests we believe are reliable. However, the purchaser must test the suitability of our products for their intended use under their own operating condition.

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