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About Us
                                                Managing director:  Mr.Leung Zan Lun

Donlee is the home to 348 staff, among them quite a part of staff have engaged in more than 20 years, the core persons of management, technique and research, quality, production running and marketing have well acquainted with each other more than 12years, as a united team. There is delightfully connection flow among staff by common sense that Donlee is a big family, warm and agressive, dynamic and energetic.

Donlee strictly follow national labor law for age, working condition, safety protection, welfare, vacation benefit and OT make up. To create comfortable and safe working circumstance for Donlee employees fertilizing sense of safety first , regularly, we invite 119 service to inspect, lecture , demonstrate and drill the fir alarm in the manufacturing basement.
Every Month hold party for employee of the birthmonth to celebrate together.
Female staff enjoy their privilege, every March.8th a group free tourism tour as gift for the all lovely ladies.
Every year end, a dazzling and grand yearly party hold for all employees, partners and customers to celebrate, with liquid, dance, sing, joy, laugh, prize, and best wishes for future years!

Regular outward bound train for cooperative spirit, solidarity, strategy scheme, judge and decisive, enforcement and resilience and persistence for victory!

Donlee staff is a stable collective team, on the same ark of Donlee, we effort and head for a long term pleasant career, and bequtiful life together.