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protective film for metals
fullr range of surface protective film for metals, galvanized steels, stainless steels, aluminums.
protective film for plastics
average surface protective film for constructional plastic materials, Edgy surface protective film for photoelectrical plastic materials. Customized surface protective film for signage & graphical plastic materials.
protective film for laminates
Protective film for surface protection of laminates, including HPL/MPL, furinture boards, and floorings.
membrane switch protective film
This protective film series is specially designed for membrane switch graphic printing and mechanical forming processes, they provide reliable performance under high temperature (heating) conditions, easy to apply and easy to remove without residue.
protective film for stones
Surface protective film for natural and artifical stones for their temporary surface protection masking. Easy to apply and peel off without residue, deliver intact surface value and save greatly in clean expenditure.
holding PET film
PET/PE film series designed for die cut processing, as diet cut bonding,holding, fixation releaser use. Specification varies in thickness, adhesion and formulation of adhesive types to fit kinds of requirement from the diet cut application.
Carpet Film
Easy to apply and remove without residue. Good for household/commerical/automotive carpets and rugs.
Application tape
embossed, dimensionally stable clear polyethylene filmic application tape.Suitable for transferring cast and PVC sign vinyls.
protective film for injection models
protective masking film series for various plastic injections,  protecting their exquisitive finishes from dirty, dust, tool marks etc contamination, both glossy and texture we can manage.