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Donlee film and tape with Electronics applications

multi-functional PET protective film

PET protective film with shatterproof, glareproof performance.
Printingable with reliable adhesive performance for plastic, glasses and metals.


  • optical-grade OCA adhesive

  • produce in 1000 class clean room

  • Internal printable surface and shatterproof, external anti-scratch surface with strengthened glare-proof/shatter-proof performance.

  • Fine adaptability to applicable conditions, still remain good adhering performance bellow 100℃.

  • Excellent Mechanical die-cut processing property.

Recommendation to applications

  • Surface protection to plastics, optical film/sheet,aesthetic metals

  • electric conductive fibre die-cut protection and transfer.

  • Electronic components temporary transfer, storage and fixation.

  • 2.5D, 3D glasses of touch panel shatterproof protection.

     Mainstream item: TA100T50-1000

 Category index unit
 Appearance Clear -
  Film thickness 120±2 μm
Liner thickness 50±2 μm
SUSPeeling strength 1000±200 gf/25
 transmittance >90 %
     haze <1 %