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Donlee film and tape with Electronics applications

LCD/LED protective film

Donlee produce full range of protective film for consuming LCD displayer, from external plastic injections to internal backlight mould components, we always have an item fitting customer requirement.

With LED gaining popularity as backlight for LCDs, the demand for surface protection film is rapidly increasing across world led by demand in luminance improvement films and light guide plates, materials indispensable for production of LED-based LCDs. Donlee utilize its production capacity and development strength against the backdrop of robust global demand towards protective films for this sphere use. As the essential part of a LCD, backlight mould consisted of various photoelectrical sheet/film materials as polarizing film, reflector film, prism sheet, diffuser sheet, light guide plate, ITO glassed have to consume quite amount clean protective films during their own manufacturing and assembling process.
Donlee supply full range of protective film in PET, PE, PP, anti-static film, embossed film, thermo-sensitive self-adhesive film for backlight module unit, the film are produced from 1000-10000 clean room, feature with high cleanliness and transparence, few fisheye and particles, easy to apply and peel without any residue, fine performance in temperature resistance.

Besides protective film used in processing and assembling process of electronics product, Donlee is prof in providing surface protection solution to kinds of displayer screens and touch panels which are must for electronics device, such as and not limited to mobilephone, PDA, PC, LCD screen, digital camera screen etc. Donlee are prof in and familiar with film requirement towards these delicate screen applications and can be competent with them sound and well.

Pursuant to substrate properties, customers tend to have their own specific need with protective film’s cleanliness, appearance, tension, elasticity, temperature endure and processability. We welcome samples for test in our R&D center for best film match to meet the requirements, certainly, Donlee are capable of developing film together with customers for great potential and common future.