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About Us
Donlee is a well-recognized film and tape brand in Asia, we are its creator and owner as a senior manufacturer and professional exporter of protective films, self adhesive tapes,functional polyester film. We've been in the industry for 30 years. As a standby listed company, Donlee exports globally to America, Europe, Japan, Aussie and Southeast Asia from our first-class production ground.
R&D is Donlee sustainable motivating strength to keep the unbeatable market position. We cooperate with national polymer institute and film speciality authority, meanwhile we engage in labotory of Southern enginnering university as a functional polymer new-materials practice basement,as a part of national industry scheme supported by government.
Company Honor
We are proud of our specality in the tape and we also take pride in our social influence with cooperative partners, family support to employee groups, financial contribution to local community and leading power in the industrial associations, these are our real treasures of credit and honors to be branded.
Welcome to Our Company!
We are joinning NEPCON VIETNAM 2017!! Hanoi Vietnam Sep 13-15th, 2017, Electronics Manufacturing Advancement Event. Know more about this exhibition fair via We look forward to meeting you there! Donlee company HQ and manufacturing site locate in Shunde, China, very conveniently reachable by 0.5-2 driving hour to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan city, and 1.5hour yacht hour to HongKong. Welcome to our company!!
How it works?
As a company owning its own R&D center and integrated manufacturing plants, Donlee provides more than product but tape solution catering to specific application cases. When there is unique case, we listen to customers, look into applicable conditions and devote into lab and specific product research and development, aim at providing a premium workable solution to the case.
Donlee established a complete operation sytem that covering every need of customers, we strictly follow ISO management standard and each shipment data is retrievable within 6-12months. Donlee has experienced overseas  team which guranttee effective communication and undertake export of smooth deliveries to ovseas customers on our own.
membrane switch graphic printing masking film
This protective film series is specially designed for membrane switch graphic printing and mechanical forming processes, they provide reliable performance under high temperature (heating) conditions, easy to apply and easy to remove without residue. >>
Metal sheet protective film
Donlee produce protective film for pre-painted steel, coated metals, sandwich panel etc. Proper tension for mechanical use, easy to be applied and removed without glue residue, up to 2 colors printing and UV resistance are available upon customer’s reques >>
multi-functional PET protective film
PET protective film with shatterproof, glareproof performance. Printingable with reliable adhesive performance for plastic, glasses and metals. >>
LCD/LED protective film
Donlee produce full range of protective film for consuming LCD displayer, from external plastic injections to internal backlight mould components, we always have an item fitting customer requirement. >>